Translating, Writing, Proofreading

When I travel, and whenever I have the time, I write, proofread, and translate texts (English-Italian).

I have written elsewhere on the web, for example on Medium, about local cultural heritage, or about film dubbing practices. More recently I wrote for The Feed US about being a tourist at home.

For a list of my published articles, conference presentations, research interests, I refer to my LinkedIn and profile.


Whenever and wherever possible, I pet-sit, so far mainly for dogs, cats, and plants, but I am willing to consider humans and goldfish too. Read a ravishing testimonial.

Ayurvedic treatments

Wherever I am, I can provide tailored Ayurvedic Yoga Massage treatments.


I care a lot about the environment, about minimizing waste, and being kind to the planet that nurtures us. You can read about my thirty-day zero waste journey here.

Get in touch!

Feel free to email me at any time using the Contact form to discuss your particular needs for any of the above, and I’ll get back to you as soon as my current time zone allows!

How shall men meditate in that which they cannot understand? How shall they understand that which is kept close in an unknown tongue? […] Translation it is that openeth the window, to let in the light; that breaketh the shell, that we may eat the kernel; that putteth aside the curtain, that we may look into the most Holy place; that removeth the cover of the well, that we may come by the water.

The King James Bible (Authorized Version, 1611), ‘The Translators to the Reader’