What’s not to like about the Prado?

Aside from the lack of pillows on the benches and readily available masseuses (which is possibly asking a bit much of a museum), nothing really. Having been warned by a bloke at the tourist office in Madrid (in the pleasingly symmetrical plaza Major) that queues start early at the Prado, I arrived 15 minutes beforeContinue reading “What’s not to like about the Prado?”

The forgotten heroines of the Roman WWII resistance

There is a monument quietly introducing the Ponte dell’Industria in the Ostiense neighbourhood of Rome which commemorates the sacrifice of ten women who rebelled against the Nazi-Fascist regime. The surroundings are inglorious. Overgrown lawn and weeds crowd the base of a stone slab. Tall cypresses like obelisks cast pale green shadows over the grey monolith.Continue reading “The forgotten heroines of the Roman WWII resistance”

Feeding hopelessness: Mouna Guebla’s attack in Tunis

At around 2pm on 29 October, Mouna Guebla was walking down busy Habib Bourguiba Avenue in Tunis, her heart heavy, her mind buzzing, and her bag loaded with a coarse home-made grenade. She was the only one to die when it blew up in front of a police checkpoint near the Ministry of Interior andContinue reading “Feeding hopelessness: Mouna Guebla’s attack in Tunis”

A quick reflection on Berlin: the Bode Museum

While I puppy-sat with Freddie and worked on a writing commission, Berlin’s vibrant cultural scene provided the break I needed from over-eating and not walking enough in Puglia. The Museuminsel A good deal of Berlin’s museums are neatly concentrated on the Museum Island, which seems to be typical of Austro-Prussian imperial designs (I visited theContinue reading “A quick reflection on Berlin: the Bode Museum”

Palazzo Baldassarre: Portale Uomo di Altamura, Rete Museale

I’m happy to dedicate my first post to my hometown, Altamura, in Puglia, Southern Italy. For a town of 70k inhabitants, rich in traditions and history, and fiercely proud of both, I’ve always felt that the cultural offering was somewhat lacking here. While the largest and richest museum, the National Archaeological Museum, is filled withContinue reading “Palazzo Baldassarre: Portale Uomo di Altamura, Rete Museale”