In a world where identity is so highly prized yet so ephemeral, I am displaying and constructing mine on the World Wide Web so that I, too, may exist.

I have invested time this year in travelling to meet policy and culture professionals to assess and gauge the dynamics of this environment, ultimately in the effort to ascertain whether it is the right place for me, Isabella Bolognese.

It seems to me like a more pro-active and less institutionalized way of learning. Not that I have shunned more traditional ways of learning in the past, as my Curriculum can demonstrate.

Here you will find my thoughts on the places I visit and encounters I make, as well as a little more information about me, Isabella Bolognese.

As the website, like its owner, is a work in progress, its narrative is likely to (at least intended to) change into a more affirmative and concise representation of me, Isabella Bolognese.